Prepare for Changes: Companies House Fee Increases Ahead!

Published: 12/03/2024 By Hannah Duncan

Get ready for a shake-up starting 1st May 2024, as Companies House gears up to raise several of their filing fees to cover the cost of the services they deliver. This marks the first fee increase in many years, making it a significant shift.

Curious about the new rates? You can find them all listed on the website.

The cost of filing a Confirmation Statement (Form CS01) will rise from £13 to £34 if filed digitally or from £40 to £62 if filed by paper.

But what's prompting this change?

According to a Companies House spokesperson, the fee hike isn't just about sustaining their current operations, it’s to aid in recovering costs from actioning the new Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act 2023 (ECCTA).

The ECCTA, updated on October 26th states “An Act to make provision about economic crime and corporate transparency; to make further provision about companies, limited partnerships and other kinds of corporate entity; and to make provision about the registration of overseas entities.”

In light of recent reports about scammers posing as HMRC officials to dupe unsuspecting taxpayers eagerly awaiting tax rebates (read our latest article waiting for a tax rebate don’t get fouled by a scammer), the ECCTA comes as a timely measure. By cracking down on the misuse of company information, it seeks to safeguard individuals and businesses alike.

With the new legislation and fee hikes, there's hope that it will serve as a deterrent to fraudsters and put an end to the creation of fake companies being registered at Companies House.