Why take out a Fee Protection Service?

Published: 23/05/2023 By Hannah Duncan

Most people wouldn’t see the benefit in paying for a fee protection service if you haven’t received notification from HMRC that you are being investigated; apart from those who have already been through an investigation or perhaps know someone who has and understand just how stressful and costly they can be!
There is now a belief HMRC intend to increase the number of fresh tax enquiries, meaning the chances of becoming subject to a routine tax enquiry is higher. Tax enquiries can be completely random, even if you believe your tax affairs are completely up to date, and you have been fully compliant. Some enquiries may result in no extra tax to be paid, however, the costs of the professional fees incurred in dealing with HMRC to reach an amicable conclusion would still remain payable.
By taking up the tax investigation fee protection service you will get peace of mind that if you do become subject to a formal tax enquiry you have peace of mind any costs incurred will be covered.

We have again teamed up with Croner-i to provide this service, check out our webpage for more detailed information including costs as well as a useful and informative flyer answering most commonly asked questions.
Not only that our tax investigation service also includes “my business hub” an all-inclusive online portal, which offers expert advice including template documents like policies and risk assessments, telephone advice on all subjects such as employment law, health and safety and HR. As well as including training for everything you need for your business to be compliant.
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