How you can help your accountants?

Published: 19/11/2019 By Ellie Matthews

There are many benefits to you helping you’re your accountant by providing complete and organised records.  

Some of these include:-
  • BE TIMELY - By getting your records to your accountant on time you will give them plenty of time to work on your affairs and file everything on time (don’t forget you are not our only client :-) )

  • BE COMPLETE - Avoid Companies House late filing fines by ensuring that you provide all records to your accountant

  • BE ORGANISED - By providing organised and detailed records, you will understand your business performance better and it will save us time from processing and reorganising messy records

When preparing your records, you need to remember:-

  • Separate business from personal finances
  • Keep on top of your records – there should be no gaps!
  • Keep receipts and purchase invoices – you will need to provide proof of all expenditure and year-end creditors
  • Bank statements for the complete period
  • Invoices – you should have an invoice relating to each sale, to prove year-end debtors and accrued income
  • Depending on your business you may also need to keep records for things such as payroll, cash books, stock takes, travel & credit card statements

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about providing us with your records in good order.