Less than a week to renew your tax credits!

Published: 25/07/2023 By Hannah Duncan

31st July 2023 is the deadline to renew your tax credit claim, that's less than a week! HMRC are advising tax claimants not to leave it too late, or they could risk missing out. 
Two types of renewal packs were sent out by HMRC, one with a red line across the first page and one with a black line. The red line renewals will have "reply now" and these are the letters that need to be actioned by 31st July 2023. Customers must confirm their current life circumstances in order to renew their tax credits successfully. Those who received a black line renewal will have "check now", if all details are correct on these letters the tax credits will be renewed automatically, HMRC only need to be contacted if any of the details are incorrect or have changed. 
HMRC must be updated if a customers circumstances change such as:
- Relationship changes - marriage, separation or divorce
- Cost of childcare changes
- Child no longer residing at home
- Working hours are less than 30 hours a week
Even if nothing has changed and a customer has received a "reply now" red line letter it is imperative they respond within the time frame. 
Customers can respond online via the HMRC website https://www.gov.uk/manage-your-tax-credits or via the HMRC app.
A reminder to everyone to be vigilant of scammers when deadlines are looming, HMRC will never contact you asking for personal login details.